Our Presidents Message – November

As your newly elected president, it is my pleasure and honor to serve you in this capacity, and help provide a voice to the 46 million Americans of German-speaking heritage.

As we tell our visitors at the Museum, everyone in America has an immigration story. What we do through our member clubs and individual members in all 50 states is to encourage one another to be careful stewards of the memory of how our families made their way to America, and what hopes those immigrants had for us.

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Happy German-American Day!

Happy German-American Day!


October 6, 2016

The German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA® wishes you a happy German-American Day. Celebrated every year on October 6th, this day is dedicated to preserving the many contributions and achievements made by German-Americans to the United States.

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Happy Day of German Unity!

Happy Day of German Unity! Today marks the 26th anniversary of the unification of East and West Germany. Although the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 symbolically united East and West Germany, the Treaty of Unification, signed by both states in August 1990, became effective on October 3, 1990.

Tag der Deutschen Einheit, or the Day of German Unity, is a national holiday in Germany with official celebrations in a different city each year. This year, the celebrations take place in Dresden.

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