Happy Presidents Day

The German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA® wishes you a Happy Presidents Day. Originally established in 1879 by Congress to celebrate George Washington’s birthday on February 22nd, this holiday now often includes all presidents.

Herbert Hoover, elected in 1928, was the country’s first German-American president. Since then, numerous presidents have had German ancestry.

Herbert Hoover had German-speaking ancestry on his paternal side and was the descendant of Andreas Huber, who immigrated to America from the Palatinate in the 18th century. He was also of Swiss-German ancestry.

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Introducing our Newest Staff Member


The German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA® is pleased to announce its recent hire of Michael Heinen, who joins the Foundation team as its Director of Operations. Within this role, Michael will focus on the day-to-day operations of the Foundation and Museum, membership relations, community outreach as well as event planning.

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Unter Unser Leit: Finding Kansas’s Volga-Germans

Unter unser Leit provides the visitor the unique opportunity to learn about a somewhat unfamiliar yet fascinating cultural group: the Volga-Germans. The exhibit provides an exploratory, ethnographic account of an American immigrant group following their journey from German lands to the banks of the Volga River in 18th-century Russia, and then to the Kansas prairie a hundred years later. The conscientious visitor will draw parallels between the Volga-Germans’ fascinating history and the stories of other American immigrant groups. This exhibit was researched by Rose Guardino and researched and curated by Tyler Grasee.

This exhibit will open Friday, January 20th.

The German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA® and the German-American Heritage Museum of the USA™ are currently looking for interns for 2017.

Interns will work on event planning, research, and cross-cultural planning. Internship responsibilities include: – assistance in fundraising and member management – management and operations of a museum – communications, web and social media

We ask that interns be able to dedicate three days a week for three months. Please send résumé, cover letter, and three-page writing sample (in English or German) to info@gahmusa.org.

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Standing with Germany and Freedom

I’m sure many of you are horrified at the latest attack by terrorists on our civilization, this time in Berlin. At the beginning of this month, my wife Marie and I visited that very Christmas market several times, as it was just down the block from our hotel where we were staying on business.

For Marie and I, this was our third brush with terrorism.

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Merry Christmas

The GAHF wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Many of the Christmas traditions practiced in the United States were introduced by German-Americans. Christmas trees were first popularized by German immigrants in Pennsylvania. While Christmas decorations and celebrations were banned in colonial New England for being considered sacrilegious, the display of Christmas trees among other practices gained widespread acceptance during the early 19th century.

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