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Month: July 2019

What Makes a Valuable Vacation or an Unglaublicher Urlaub

Written by Emma Walker 

 On my morning Metro rides into Gallery Place, I can’t help but notice the large groups of tourists that stand on the left (incorrect) side of the escalators. These people come from all over America and around the world to visit the sights on the National Mall, get a picture with the White House, and observe the art in the National Portrait Gallery.

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Happy Fourth of July

We wish you all a very happy Fourth of July holiday in the company of family and friends! As we celebrate the nation’s birthday, it’s a a good time to remember the many immigrants who helped build the country. Why not visit the GAHM this weekend and explore the contributions of German-Americans through the centuries?

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GAHM Travel Guide: 20 Must-See German Summer Festivals!

Written by Blythe Romano

Now that summer has begun, Germany’s festival season is in full swing. With live music, food, drinks, German history, and more, these events have it all! If you’re planning a trip to Germany this summer or at any point in the future, here’s our comprehensive list of festival recommendations.

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