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Biographies and Voices of German-American Soldiers


Welcome to our project honoring veterans, inspired by our summer intern Thomas Crain in 2021, whose passion for history and especially military history, has led him to research the contributions of German-American soldiers. History comes to life through personal accounts, photos, and recollections that provide glimpses into the past. With the country preparing for its 250th birthday in 2026, we decided to continue this project to honor those who sacrificed so much to fight for their country.

We hope to introduce you to a variety of biographies that tell the tales of German immigrants and their descendants through the centuries and through the perspectives of different wars. 

The first biography explores the life of the German Jewish refugee and World War II soldier Werner Kleeman in honor of the 77th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion on June 6. 1944. 

Werner Kleeman

World War II

Henry “Hank” Welzel

Korean War

Frederick von Weissenfels

Revolutionary War

Franz Sigel

Civil War

Clement Trott

World War I

Aleda Lutz

World War II

Otto A. Boehler

Philippine American War

Ferdinand F. Rohm

Civil War

Agnes Meyer Driscoll


Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

Revolutionary War

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