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Message from the Executive Director June 2017

Forty years ago this month, in a meeting held at the Cannstatter Volksfest Verein, Dr. Haug achieved his shared vision and the United German-American Committee, Inc (UGAC)/Vereinigtes Deutsch-Amerikanisches Komitee (VDAK) was established.

Dr. Haug knew the time was right for the creation of an organization that would aim to speak as a unified voice for German-Americans at the national level. To that extent, in 1976 he assembled a group of influential representatives of German-American clubs from across the Mid-Atlantic. The road was not easy, but Dr. Haug was a charismatic and persuasive orator who inspired numerous talented and like-minded people to dedicate themselves to achieving the goals of promoting and preserving German-American heritage in a unified way.
Today, as it was 40 years ago, German-American clubs continue to play an important role in engaging with the over 46 million Americans of German-speaking descent, exciting new generations to rediscover their roots, while also educating the public about the contributions German-Americans have made to the US over the past 400 years. The GAHF has made it possible for these clubs to come together and speak as one voice.