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How do American’s view Germany? A presentation by Dr. Stefan Buchwald, GIC.

While most Americans view Germany in a positive light, the recent study funded by the German Information Center pinpoints areas that concern Americans.

Join us, Saturday at 11 am at the German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA® for an informal discussion with Dr. Stefan Buchwald, Minister Counselor at the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. and Director of the German Information Center USA.  He will be presenting the latest study on American’s perception of Germany, financed by the German Information Center.

While most Americans view Germany in a positive light, there are some concerns. Some of the highlights of this study include not only the general perception of the country, but also specific topics of interest like the refugee crisis, terrorism and the incident with car manufacturer Volkswagen. N. Magid Associates conducted the study from February 17-22, 2016. The German Information Center conducts periodic studies to understand the shifts in perception.

Dr. Stefan Buchwald is the ideal presenter of this topic. Not only as the Director of the German Information Center, but with his outstanding background, he can bring an interesting perspective to the discussion. In his current role as minister Counselor for Political Affairs he oversees security policy. During his last tenure in Germany heading the Division 609- Dialogue with the Islamic World, he coordinated projects in the fields of education, culture and media with the Arab World and the dialogue with the Islamic World. Dr Buchwald has been stationed in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Portugal and Romania. He also has served on the Crisis Task Force on Iraq and the Task Force for International Environment and Biopolitical Affairs.

The presentation will be held at our traditional Fruehschoppen. German food and beverages will be served at the event.