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Happy Birthday Germanna

On behalf of the German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA® (GAHF), its Board of Directors and staff, we are delighted to extend our warmest congratulations to the Germanna Foundation on the 60th anniversary of its official incorporation as “The Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia, Inc.” on March 14, 1956.

At GAHF, we are proud that the premiere exhibit this year for the “German Entrepreneurship” series of our museum in Washington, DC, tells the story of “Colony 1714: Germanna and the Ironworkers” which was kindly obtained by arrangement with Germanna through your personal support and involvement and we thank you once more for it.

It is our sincere desire and hope that the Germanna Foundation and our organization may continue to enjoy a long and fruitful relationship together for many years to come.

With our best wishes for a long and prosperous future, may you continue to succeed in your vital mission of honoring the historic heritage and legacy of the Germanna colonists, those brave early German-Americans who gave us, in the words of your first President, Dr. Charles Huffman, “their democratic ideals, their quiet, unobtrusive independence, their efficient craftsmanship, and their indomitable courage”.


John M. Manoyan, Ph.D. President