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Embassy Adoption Program at GAHM

The Embassy Adoption Program brings local students to the GAHM!

A city-wide initiative that pairs DC fifth- and sixth-graders with embassies across Washington, DC, students from Ms. Chambers and Ms. Kirk’s fifth-grade class at Powell Bilingual Elementary School in NW visited the GAHM today as part of their year-long partnership with the Embassy Adoption Program and the German Embassy.

Working with students throughout the school year, staff from the German Information Center at the German Embassy taught Ms. Chambers and Ms. Kirk’s students about German culture, language, and geography. Eager to show what they learned, the students visited the GAHM for their final day and cultural presentation.

The GAHF welcomed everyone with a presentation about German-Americans and students quickly learned about the German connection to everyday things such as Heinz ketchup and Levi jeans. In turn, the students shared what they learned about Germany, including traditional costume, its geography, common German phrases, and even the importance of recycling.

For their cultural performance to their “adopted” Germany, Ms. Chambers and Ms. Kirk’s students sang a remarkable rendition of the German National Anthem. Marveling all in attendance, the students were then treated to delicious German food as well as a giant cake. Departing in the early afternoon, the students ended the visit with a special gift of thanks to the German Embassy.

Ms. Chambers, Ms. Kirk, and their fifth-grade class were accompanied by music teacher Ms. Akaike as well as EAP coordinator, Naomi Freeman on behalf of the Washington Performing Arts Women’s Committee. Jennifer Flood attended as Global Event Coordinator of DC Public Schools and Embassy staff included Andreas Gebert of the GIC. Special guests were members of the US Air Force Band “Singing Sergeants”. The GAHF would like to express its sincere thanks to all who attended and helped make this day so special.

The Embassy Adoption Program was founded in 1974 by the Washington Performing Arts Society and serves as a unique cultural opportunity that connects thousands of DC public school students each year to nations around the world. Please click here ( )for more information.