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Ulrich Pelz, Ph.D.

Hardy von Auenmueller – President

Personal & Mission Statement

Uli was born in 1943 in Wittstock/Dosse, Germany, and moved to Austria in 1950. He married Susan Studer in 1967, and they have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Uli’s education was mostly in Austria.  After high school, he obtained the degree of Diplomkaufmann from the Hochschule für Welthandel (College of Economics and International Business) in Vienna in 1967. Subsequently, he worked in Germany as a consultant in retail business until he and his wife decided to move to the United States at the beginning of 1969.

They settled in Boulder, Colorado, where he obtained a Master’s degree in economics and a Ph.D. in business administration.  In 1973, he took a teaching position in accounting at the California State University in Sacramento. Then, in 1977, Uli joined the Office of the Auditor General of California and obtained a CPA certificate in 1980, while also teaching part-time. He retired from state service in 1993, and has since been involved in a variety of endeavors: business consulting, translating business articles, and investing in stocks and real estate. He retired from managing real estate in 2017, but stays active in the stock market.

Uli has been active in the Sacramento Turn Verein since 1995, as treasurer, librarian, and the Audit Committee.  In addition, he and his wife travel frequently to Europe to see two of their daughters and grandchildren. The oldest daughter lives in Philadelphia.

Uli sees his mission derived from the mission of the GAHF, which is to promote German culture, history, and ethnic awareness in the United States.  Furthermore, he wishes to support the goals of the GAHF by fundraising to achieve a solid financial backing for the German-American Heritage Museum, being involved in various special activities such as the Annual Gala, educating the American public about the contributions of Germans in the U.S., assisting and/or contributing in publications of the GAHF, and coordinating with the other members of the Board.


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