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Rachel Brocker

Rachel Brocker

Personal & Mission Statement

My name is Rachel Brocker. I am from the Washington, D.C. area and am half  German. I grew up speaking German at home and surrounded by the German culture. After graduating from high school, I moved to Berlin, Germany, in the interest of  learning more about my heritage and spending more time with my extended family. I lived in Berlin for approximately two years, working and attending school.

I lived in Berlin for approximately two years, working and attending school. In 2015, I returned to complete my college degree at the University of Maryland. While there, I studied German and participated in German cultural events hosted on campus, in order to maintain a strong connection to the German community.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I immediately began pursuing my juris doctor at the University of Maryland School of Law. I graduated in 2021 and have spent the past  year working as a transactional attorney in D.C. I have been searching for a way to  continue my exposure to the German culture and was elated to discover the German  American Heritage Foundation.

The mission of the Foundation aligns well with my values and appreciation of the German culture. I am interested in learning more, as well as spreading and sharing information and experiences with others. If given the opportunity, I would like to utilize my strong ties to the community and my passion for the German culture as a means of attracting new members and supporting the foundation.

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