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Tobias Münch

Tobias Münch

Personal & Mission Statement

Tobias was born in Freiburg im Breisgau and raised near Karlsruhe. He studied business economics in Saarbrücken, and worked in the metal commodity industry for a number of years before moving to the Sacramento, Calif. area.

There, he continued to work in metal commodities before being hired by the state of California to work on environmental policy for the past 20 years (energy, recycling, air pollution). During that time, he completed his degree in International Relations at UC Davis.

His dedication and passion for German-American friendship is demonstrated by the cross-cultural organizations he has founded and directed in Northern California since his immigration in 1998, allowing him to gain strong non-profit organizational leadership experience. Furthermore, he is currently the Membership Committee Chairman of the German Language School at the Sacramento Turnverein, where he has attracted a dozen new members in only a few months. He brings this experience and a strong motivation to further the mission of GAHF to the table.

His objectives include:

  • Expanding and supporting German language schooling and bilingual/bicultural upbringing
  • Supporting German-American families/young people
  • Strategy development for modern media/marketing, also including presentations in different industries where German-Americans are active.

Through his non-profit work he has developed an extensive network in California and beyond that will allow him to improve organizational fundraising. These fundraising and networking opportunities will ultimately aid in better connecting GAHF’s East Coast and West Coast activities resulting in increased membership, more fundraising income, and a larger audience for GAHF events.

As a dual citizen, his heart beats for both cultures and countries as well as their mutual friendship. He is passionate about adding to the great work that GAHF does, now and into the future, and he wishes to be part of that work and make his own proud

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