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Lucas Pipes

Lucas Pipes 

Personal & Mission Statement

Lucas Pipes is a first-generation German-American, born in the US to a German mother and an American father, who supports the unique culture and heritage that define his identity. He was raised mostly in Germany, and then attended Bard College in New York for his undergraduate degree, and then pursued an MBA at The Wharton School in Pennsylvania.

He is married to a southern lady from Tennessee and has two young children. He is an experienced investment professional with expert knowledge of the metals and mining sector. His expertise is highly respected by both investors and industry representatives for his knowledge and in-depth analysis of key market drivers, the ability to effectively question consensus strategies, and for recommending superior alpha-generating stock ideas. 

In New York City, he was a member of the “German Forum,” which aims to bring German-speaking music performers to a New York City audience. He also regularly attended events at the “Deutscher Verein.” In both groups, he drew a young audience and facilitated introductions across his professional, personal, and broader German-American network.

His board experience includes being the Co-Chair of the Junior Committee of the Bard Music Festival and serving as a Director of the Advisory Board of the Hannah Arendt Center. These positions have allowed him to gain valuable insights into the workings of a well-functioning board, including the need for commitment, initiative, team-work, open-mindedness, and a long-term vision.
Lucas strongly identifies with the mission of the GAHF to rediscover our heritage and to re-engage with German-American organizations. It remains a priority for him to engage young people interested in German culture and heritage, and be able to connect them with and into the German-American community. After having served as an officer and board member of the GAHF in the past, he looks forward to working again with old friends and fellow staff and board members in the advancement of its important mission. 

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