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Lucas Pipes

Lucas Pipes 

Personal & Mission Statement

I served previously on the GAHF Board after Ron Kosmahl and Aaron Lewis had introduced me. Earlier this year, I joined the GAHF Board as Interim Treasurer. I would be a great honor to continue to serve the board. I would like to contribute my skills as a seasoned professional in finance and my diverse network to further the cause of the GAHF and its members.

I am a first-generation German-American, born in the US to a German mother and an American father, who supports the unique culture and heritage that define my identity. I was raised mostly in Germany, and then attended Bard College in New York for my undergraduate degree, and then pursued an MBA at The Wharton School in Pennsylvania.

I am married to a southern lady from Tennessee and have three young children. I am an experienced investment professional with expert knowledge of the metals and mining sector. My  expertise is highly respected by both investors and industry representatives for my knowledge and in-depth analysis of key market drivers, the ability to effectively question consensus strategies, and for recommending superior alpha-generating stock ideas. 
In New York City, I was a member of the “German Forum,” which aims to bring German-speaking music performers to a New York City audience. I also regularly attended events at the “Deutscher Verein.” In both groups, I drew a young audience and facilitated introductions across my professional, personal, and broader German-American network.

My board experience includes being the Co-Chair of the Junior Committee of the Bard Music Festival and serving as a Director of the Advisory Board of the Hannah Arendt Center. These positions have allowed me to gain valuable insights into the workings of a well-functioning board, including the need for commitment, initiative, team-work, open-mindedness, and a long-term vision.
I strongly identify with the mission of the GAHF to rediscover our heritage, and to re-engage with German-American organizations. It remains a priority for me to engage young people interested in German culture and heritage, and be able to connect them with and into the German-American community. After having served as an officer and board member of the GAHF in the past, I look forward to working again with old friends and fellow staff and board members in the advancement of its important mission.

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