Fred Hansen

Fred Hansen

Personal & Mission Statement

I, Fred Hansen, hereby declare my candidacy to serve on the Board of Directors of the German American Heritage Foundation of the USA.

I am completely familiar with the Foundation’s Mission Statement and by-laws, having been a contributor to the original formulation of these by-laws and having participated in discussions and deliberations in formulating these by-laws as well as the Mission Statement.

I am intimately knowledgeable about the organization’s history, present operation, challenges and future plans. I was present at the initial meetings of our organization which were held both in Philadelphia and subsequently in the Casino of Schuetzenpark in North Bergen, NJ. Therefore I have been a part of this organization since its inception. I am a founding charter member of the organization. I am very familiar with the present operation and with the current challenges and the future plans. I attend the meetings of the Executive Committee on a regular basis.

I attend all quarterly meetings of the Board, usually in person, either in Philadelphia or in Washington D.C., travelling hundreds of miles in order to accomplish this task.

I make annual contributions to our organization for the past several years that has been $1,000 per year. I am an original Council of 1000 member.

I participate in discussions and deliberations which lead to our fundraising plan.

I attend special events of our organization whenever possible and inform others of these upcoming events and encourage them to attend as well.

During the past three years I have contributed substantially to the purchase of Hockemeyer Hall ($25,000). Without the help of numerous others, this purchase of the museum building would not have been possible. Those of us who contributed, including myself, realized the importance of establishing the museum in a visible location in our nation’s capital and therefore I was happy to contribute to this cause.

If elected, I intend to contact friends to encourage them to contribute towards our museum and foundation. I will also contact former contributors in order to encourage them to once again make a contribution towards our museum in order that we may continue our operation. I believe that through joint efforts of all Board members, we can succeed in fulfilling our goal to continue to promote our German American culture and heritage in the United States of America.

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