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Dr. Charles K.H. Borowsky

Dr. Charles K.H. Borowsky

Personal & Mission Statement

A native of Silesia, Dr. Borowsky is a professor of sociology whose research and writing on the youth movements on the 1960s led to his expulsion from then Communist-ruled Poland. He became a faculty member at Yale University, and later the Harvard Center for Kibbutz and Communal Studies.

Today, he leads two organizations: Intermuse (promoting classical music around the world) and the International Institute for Suburban and Regional Studies. He has lectured extensively in over 80 countries, including ten universities in Germany. In addition, he has brought many acclaimed German musicians to perform in the United States. Examples include the Thomanerchor, the Gewandhaus-Quartett Leipzig, and the Youth Orchestra of Rheinland-Pfalz. His own family ensemble, known as The American Virtuosi, has performed all over the world.

He feels that promoting German-American heritage in the United States is a great honor, and an effective contribution to American society and culture.

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