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Christian Wagner

Christian Wagner

Personal & Mission Statement

Chris was President of the Deutsche Club in Clark, NJ for a five-year period, starting in 2015, just when Walter Lehmann, a veteran associate of Bern Deichmann, passed away.

Chris has been a member of GAHF since 2007, and is currently enjoying the retirement life of a Gentleman Farmer, after having worked in industry for a long career as a mechanical engineer. Most of his career was spent with one firm which manufactures electrical wire and cable. He retired as Vice-President of Facilities planning. During his business trips to Germany, he formed relationships with several German machine manufacturers. Having grown up in a German family, Chris became active at The Deutscher Club of Clark, NJ, serving as president from 2015-2020. During that time membership grew by 20 percent and revenue by 35 percent. A primary goal was to introduce cultural activities, such as additional German singing groups, operetta evenings, and German classes within the Club.

Chris’s parents emigrated from Germany, and he still has extended family members who live in the area of Lübeck and Berlin. They keep in contact and visit each other when the situation allows. Chris joined the GAHF Board to further awareness of German culture in the USA, and to help support the many individual German organizations with a national organization.

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