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Berlins – Made in USA:
Berlin/Germany meets Berlins/USA

The German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA®

German-American Heritage Museum of the USA™

The German-American Heritage Museum of the USA™ opened in March, 2010 in a building once known as Hockemeyer Hall. Renovations were completed by the GAHF after acquiring the building in 2008. Located on 6th Street NW in the heart of the old European-American section of Washington, the Museum sits in what is now a thriving commercial neighborhood.

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June 2013 – January 2014

Berlins — Made in USA:
Berlin/Germany meets Berlins, USA

In Germany, there is only one Berlin, the country’s capital and largest city, which was first mentioned in 1244, and eventually rose to power together with the former Imperial House of Hohenzollern. However, in the United States, there are many towns, villages, and communities throughout the United States named Berlin. By telling their stories, we highlighted the many achievements and contributions of German-Americans to the development and growth of their new home country.


In conjunction with our Berlin Exhibit, we also displayed a smaller exhibit in honor of President John F. Kennedy as a celebration of his electrifying speech in Berlin on June 26, 1963. This event will give us an opportunity to celebrate the culture of liberty that permeates the Berlins on both sides of the Atlantic as well as celebrating a linkage of heritage between the 39 Berlins of the UnitedStates and “The United City” of Berlin, Germany.

This joint effort with the city of Berlin, Visit Berlin, IHK Berlin, Berlin Partner, and the German Embassy Washington D.C. helped underline the close ties between Americans and Germans. Representatives from these institutions, including Mayor of Berlin and Minister of the Interior Mr. Frank Henkel and German Ambassador Dr. Peter Ammon, took part in the opening celebrations.

The exhibit also included a number of special events such as a Berlin Movie Night at the Goethe Institute.