Frühschoppen with Steve Hollands and a Genealogical Journey to Silesia ~ Sat. 9/17


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The GAHF on Saturday, September 17th held our monthly Frühschoppen. This month we welcomed Steve Hollands, a GAHF-member and President of the German-American Heritage Society of Greater Washington, D.C. Mr. Hollands presented on his own genealogical research and the discovery of his Silesian heritage. In a lecture titled “A Genealogical Journey thorough Silesia”, Hollands recounted the fascinating journey taken by his ancestors Gustaf Adolf Kohler & Mina Schmidt from their hometown of Guhrau, Silesia to Berlin, and eventually to the United States in 1866. He covered information about their life before and after their journey, as well as a historical and cultural overview of the formerly-German eastern province of Silesia. This month’s Frühschoppen saw lots of discussion on the presentation, as well as other guests’ experiences when researching their genealogy, all the while enjoying Bavarian-style pretzels, sausage as well as German drinks.
  About Frühschoppen: Frühschoppen is a German and Austrian tradition to meet for a late-morning, weekend brunch. In Bavaria and Austria, it is understood to consist of Weißwurst, sweet mustard, pretzels, and Weißbier.   About German-American Heritage Society of Greater Washington, DC: The German-American Heritage Society of Greater Washington, DC is dedicated to exploring the rich cultural heritage that German-speaking immigrants have bequeathed to our nation and capital.

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