German-American heritage continues to live and thrive throughout the United States, thanks to organizations that bring together Americans of German speaking ancestries, weather they came from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Rumania, Russia or other areas where German was or is spoken.

The Member Clubs have been an important backbone of the German-American Heritage Foundation since its inception. We want to recognize their commitment to our joint mission of preserving and promoting the heritage of Americans with German speaking ancestry.

To celebrate the 40 years of inception of GAHF, we have planned exciting things to highlight our member clubs, through exhibits, events, social media and website.

We would like to introduce our 2016 member clubs and want to invite all others to rejoin or join the GAHF.


Gold Members

Silver Members

  • Germanic-American Institute
    Germanic-American Institute
  • German-American Societies of San Diego
    German-American Societies of San Diego
  • The Germanna Foundation
    The Germanna Foundation
  • Schuplatter U (STV Bavaria)
    Schuplatter U (STV Bavaria)
  • Oakland Nature Friends
    Oakland Nature Friends
  • German-American Club Harmonie
    German-American Club Harmonie
  • Carlstadt Turnverein
    Carlstadt Turnverein
  • Concordia Sport Club
    Concordia Sport Club
  • Bayerischer Volkfest Verein
    Bayerischer Volkfest Verein
  • Cannstatter Frauenverein
    Cannstatter Frauenverein
  • Women’s Auxiliary-German Society Pennsylvania
    Women’s Auxiliary-German Society Pennsylvania

Bronze Members

German Family Society of Akron, Inc.OHIO
Freundschaft Liederkranz San FranciscoCALIFORNIA
Germania VereinCALIFORNIA
Sacramento German Genealogy SocietyCALIFORNIA
Danube Swabian Association Southern CACALIFORNIA
Lakewood Männerchor Inc.NEW JERSEY
Sacramento Language SchoolCALIFORNIA
Steuben Society, Muehlenberg Unit 398NEW JERSEY
German Ladies Aid Society of Boston Inc.MASSACHUSETTS
United German-American Societies of East BayCALIFORNIA
San Francisco Schwaben VereinCALIFORNIA
United German-American Society of San FranciscoCALIFORNIA
Friends of the German LanguageNEW MEXICO
German-American League Inc.CALIFORNIA
Lancaster LiederkranzPENNSYLVANIA
Schwaebischer UnterstuetzungsvereinMISSOURI
Schwaebischer SaengerbundNEW JERSEY
Arion Singing SocietyCONNECTICUT
Schlaraffia BostoniaMASSACHUSETTS
The Edelweiss Club, Inc.MARYLAND
Berkely Lodge #21 ODHSCALIFORNIA
Schwaebischer FrauenvereinCALIFORNIA
Saengerchor NewarkNEW JERSEY
German-American Social Club of Cape CoralFLORIDA
Oakland Turnverein-Mixed ChorusCALIFORNIA
Tiroler Beneficial SocietyPENNSYLVANIA
Austrian Donau ClubCONNECTICUT
Cuxhavener K.U VereinNEW YORK
Schuplatter Original EnzianNEW YORK
Steinauer ClubNEW YORK
Dover German-American ClubDELAWARE
German-American Ladies Society WalpoleMASSACHUSETTS
German-American League Inc.CALIFORNIA
German-American School Association Southern CaliforniaCALIFORNIA
German-American Society of MarinCALIFORNIA
German South Bay ClubCALIFORNIA
United German-American Club of Beaumont Inc.CALIFORNIA
Germania MännerchorNEW JERSEY
The German Friendly Society of SavannahGEORGIA
GTEV Schlierachteler StammNEW YORK

Basic Members

Alpine DancersMARYLAND
German-American Heritage Soc. Greater WashingtonMARYLAND
Damenchor LiederkranzCALIFORNIA
Treffpunkt Berlin Inc