Robert L. Fricke – REGIONAL VP

I grew up with the German-American organizations of Northern Ohio, and visited and participated in German-American groups throughout the country. The GAHF is one of the very few organizations dedicated to all German culture, and the only German-American organization with a national museum. Its charter and function complement, and do not compete with, other German-American activities and organizations.

I have been chagrined over the years to witness German-American history and culture denigrated because of the dreadful events involving Germany – not German-Americans – during the last century. Whenever and however I can, I challenge that attitude and delight in sharing my knowledge of German-American culture and history in an effort to interest people in our history and culture. As a member of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), I am also active in attempts to regenerate interest in introducing German language programs in my local school district.

In my approximately two-year tenure on the Board of Directors I have raised money for the organization, both from my own contributions and contributions of friends and family. I have donated $500.00 above and beyond my membership dues and will pledge another $500.00 this calendar year. Friends and family members have either contributed money or joined the organization at my request.

In addition to fund solicitation, I have attended numerous German-American social events and venues as representative of the GAHF. I have established relationships with executive officials of the German-American Chamber of Commerce, TEV Edelweiss, Schlarafia, and the Denver Turnverein. In Denver during the spring of 2013, I met with the Honorary German Consul for Colorado/Wyoming. My liaison to date has involved planning to apply GAHF assets and assistance to enhancing local German American events and activities, as well as membership recruitment.

All in all, I consider the GAHF to be the preeminent and most significant German-American organization in the United States. I desire to grow in my position as Regional Vice President to help the organization flourish. I have enjoyed my service with the organization since 2013 and will always consider it an honor to have served in such capacity.

It will also entail my serving as a consultant and advisor within the organization regarding German-American culture and activities in our region.

Bob Fricke