In Memoriam

Thanks to the generous support of the following individuals throughout the 40 years of GAHF, the organization has been able to successfully implement its mission and host the German-American Heritage Museum.

Donations have been made to GAHF in memoriam of


NameIn Memory ofState
Neale, ThomasCharles KrewsonDC
Neale, ThomasMargrit KrewsonDC
Zeller, ShannonWalter LehmannNJ
The Associated German Soc. of New EnglandRose Mary KemperMA
Lehmann, LillianWalter LehmannNJ


NameIn Memory ofState
Rohmund, HugoHartmut GalleiskyCA
Wilms, Ernst & RosaHartmut GalleiskyCA
Kunze FamilyHartmut GalleiskyCA
Albrecht, Hans PeterHartmut GalleiskyGermany
Stoffel, DoreHartmut GalleiskyCA
Wheat, MarcHartmut GalleiskyVA
The Associated German Soc. of New EnglandCharles FirnhaberMA
The Associated German Soc. of New EnglandGeorge KrimMA
The Associated German Soc. of New EnglandGustav SheerMA
Rielley, John & JoanWalter LehmannNY
Weuste, Josef & UrsulaWalter LehmannNJ
Holder, Gerhard & AstridDr. Heinz EyrickCA


NameIn memory ofState
Chase, CobyHannelore BanisterTX
Evans, Dr. Harvey and GloriaHannelore BanisterTX
Jinkins, HeatherHannelore BanisterDC
Oliver, JohnHannelore BanisterTX
Wolf, HansHannelore BanisterAZ
Nabatoff, JoanCharles KrewsonNY
Goerigk, UrsulaCharles FirnhaberMA
Seifart, Siegfried & HelgaCharles FirnhaberMA
Russ, Raymond & EvelynCharles FirnhaberMA
Stoffel, Hank & DoreDors Stoffel LudvigsonCA

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